It’s Time For Some More Good News In Scottsdale
By Jason Rose
President & Founder—Rose & Allyn Public Relations
Scottsdale, AZ

Desert Stages Theater.

It’s one of those neat, special Scottsdale places just north of Scottsdale Fashion Square.

And before entering it off of Goldwater one sees a little street sign. It’s conspicuous. It wouldn’t typically be there. But there it sits, calling out “Gerry Cullity Way,” to honor the late founder of Desert Stages and his commitment to youth.

Recently, the Scottsdale Republic had an all “good news day”.” I’m not sure if Desert Stages found its way onto those pages or if the legacy of Gerry Cullity was mentioned at all.

But the success that is Scottsdale’s McDowell Sonoran Preserve sure was. A lot. Understandably so.

Standing tall in the middle of the preserve is a mountaintop called “Drinkwater Peak.” It’s a fitting testimonial to the importance and legacy of Scottsdale’s most influential mayor.

But we were forced, due to rules and regulations, to wait until Mayor Drinkwater’s passing before the honor was bestowed. Such rules can be unfortunate because others also deserve major recognition for what should always be considered one of the country’s great municipal achievements.

It was a result that came about not only because of a visionary mayor. It took a lot of visionary citizens too. And no one has aimed higher, longer or louder in this regard than Carla.

Mayor Lane recently ran on a platform of increased citizen involvement. There is no better example of an involved citizen in the past many years in Scottsdale than the focused, one-named preservationist from the southern city.

Whether it has been with the electorate, State Land Department or always keeping local officials keen on the mission at hand, she has had an enormously consequential impact on saving the north’s purple majesties.

That’s why it was so disappointing to read a recent piece in this paper about the unfortunate mistake, or choice, of not having Carla participate in the dedication of the preserve’s new gateway. It would be like the Phoenix Suns celebrating recent success without Steve Nash on hand.

Well, there’s an easy way to make up for this oversight – and to celebrate Carla’s unrivaled civic commitment. Let’s use this mistake as a timely opportunity to honor her now, by naming the entry into the preserve’s new gateway “Carla’s Way.”

She will call me after reading this piece and chastise me for writing so. That’s OK. Because this needs to happen. It deserves to happen.

Some may say this is too much. I submit it’s not enough. If I were king for just one day “Carla’s Peak” in the McDowells would be one of my first proclamations.

We rightfully have a Gerry Cullity Way in Scottsdale. Is it too much to ask that we have a “Carla’s Way” too? After all, it’s because of her way that we even have a preserve gateway to use and celebrate today.

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